Elegance and Refinement

Gold and fossilized ebony


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Buy any product with stabilized wood and while the available stock is limited, you will receive as a gift Bracelet with adjustable red cord gold cross 585 V1

Fusion Art: Unique Gold and Stabilized Wood Jewelry

Stabilized wood is an exciting and innovative element in gold jewelry making. Through the stabilization process, the wood is impregnated with a special resin, turning it into a durable material, resistant to water and temperature changes. This process not only strengthens the wood, but also brings out its natural beauty and texture.

When combined with gold, stabilized wood adds a distinct and eco-friendly element to jewelry creation. Whether it's rings, earrings or pendants, jewelry made of gold and stabilized wood is characterized by a rustic and unique elegance. The fusion of precious gold and stabilized wood gives the jewelry a touch of authenticity and artisanal quality, transforming them into wearable works of art.

Eternal Balance: Refined Gold and Petrified Wood Jewelry

Fossilized wood adds an extraordinary touch to the world of jewelry. Through the process of fossilization, the wood becomes petrified, retaining its original texture and forms, but acquiring the durability and refinement of the precious stone. When combined with gold, the result is a jewelry collection that combines the elegance of the precious metal with the authenticity and uniqueness of fossilized wood. Each piece becomes a captivating work of art, steeped in history and timeless charm.

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Artor, established in 2017 by a group of skilled jewelers, represents our commitment to handcrafting unique and high quality pieces. Using gold, silver and precious stones, we are dedicated to producing fashionable, durable and exquisite jewelry.

From elegant earrings and sophisticated bracelets to bold necklaces and subtle rings, our collection covers the entire range of accessories. We also offer the possibility to customize the jewelry in several ways. You can add an extra touch of authenticity by choosing to have your name or initials engraved on your gold or silver jewellery. You can also select the metal and gemstones to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

We are passionate about the idea that the beauty of our jewelry should be accessible to everyone. We believe that every person deserves to wear beautiful jewelry, made with care and attention. Discover the unique beauty of Artor jewelry by shopping online today.