Bracelet with adjustable red cord baby gold 585

68,00 lei

The baby gold 585 adjustable red cord bracelet is a stunning item that has been crafted with precision and endowed with a touch of elegance. Its purpose is to fascinate and delight its wearer in equal measure.
This stunning bracelet is a wonderful display of the ideal marriage of delicate craftsmanship, opulent gold, bright red cord and an adjustable design. The string can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

The warmth and glow that emanates from gold are representations of wealth, luxury and the passage of time.
Any outfit can be taken to a higher level by adding a touch of subtle grandeur, to which is added the shining presence on the bracelet.

The bright red cord has been carefully selected for its symbolic meaning and fascinating aesthetic appeal;
It provides a striking contrast to the allure of the gold accent. The vibrant and attractive part of the bracelet is the red cord, which is recognized for its relationship with energy, passion and vigor.
This gives the bracelet a fuller look. It gives the item an aura of optimism and imbues it with an air of delight by virtue of representing power, defense and wealth.

This is one of the distinctive qualities of the bracelet. The adjustable feature allows for simple customization, making it possible for the bracelet to grow with the wearer and become a beloved item for years to come, whether it's a beautiful keepsake for a newborn or a treasured accessory for a toddler.
Whether it's a sweet keepsake for a newborn or a treasured accessory for a toddler, the adjustable feature makes it happen.

Not only does donning this bracelet with its golden shine and bright red thread elevate your look, it also has a deeper meaning.
This extraordinary object has a delicate elegance, and within that beauty is a representation of love, protection and blessings.

Embrace the sophistication and symbolism of the baby gold 585 adjustable red cord bracelet and let the allure of the gold and the vibrancy of the red cord work its mesmerizing spell around your wrist.
This bracelet will become a treasured friend due to its classic style and meaningful message. It will go with you or the people you care about in the extraordinary adventure that is life.
Size 11X15 mm
Material Gold 585 (14k)