Bracelet with adjustable red cord 585 gold dog paw

75,00 lei

Learn more about the careful craftsmanship that went into making our bracelet, which features a red cord and 585 gold dog paw and is fully adjustable right here in our store.
This piece of jewelry is likely to capture your heart because of the exquisite way it combines the emotional significance of a pet's paw print with the timeless allure of gold.

The color red has traditionally been associated with luck, protection and vigor. Because it can be resized to fit any wrist, this bracelet can be worn with ease and carried with its positive energy.

The red cord bracelet and the cute gold dog paw centerpiece are a perfect match.
The detailed paw print is a beautiful representation of the bond we have with our pets, and the shine of the gold accents draws attention to it.

This necklace features a gold dog paw that hangs on an adjustable red cord, evoking thoughts of love, warmth and a unique connection with our canine companions.

This bracelet represents more than good taste; It's a constant reminder of the love we have for our pets.

This gift has a red cord with a gold dog paw and will be appreciated by either you or a friend who shares your love of animals.

The red string allows you to adjust the size to your liking, and the high-quality 585 gold ensures that its beauty will remain.

Each bracelet is inspected multiple times to ensure it meets our rigorous quality requirements.

Gift it to a dog-loving friend or wear it as a reminder of the joy and comfort your own pet has brought to your life with our 585 Gold Paw Print Red Cord Bracelet.
This will always be a treasured item and focal point in any jewelry box due to its superior craftsmanship, significant history, and enduring aesthetic value.
Size - 10x8 mm
Material - Gold 585 (14k)