Black Polar Half Moon Silver Earrings

285,00 lei

Discover contemporary elegance with these exceptional stabilized wood earrings in the shade Black Polar, combining sophistication and originality in a special piece of jewelry. Their distinctive circle shape, enhanced by a semi-circular insert of stabilized wood, creates an attractive "half moon" effect.

Measuring a delicate 11mm, these earrings add a subtle and feminine charm to any outfit. The generous 1.3mm thickness lends a solid presence and quality feel, emphasizing attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

The Black Polar shade of stabilized wood brings depth and mystery, creating an elegant contrast, giving the earrings a sophisticated glow in the company of silver. This combination of high-quality materials and innovative design transforms these earrings into a subtle expression of personal style and taste. Wear them with confidence to add a distinctive and sophisticated touch to any occasion.