Black Polar Heart Silver Earrings

285,00 lei

Exploring contemporary subtlety, these refined earrings with stylized wood in Black Polar shade are the ideal choice to add a touch of elegance and originality to any outfit. Shaping a graceful heart shape, these earrings exude femininity and an unmistakable sense of style.

Meticulously crafted to every detail, the earrings feature harmoniously balanced dimensions of 7.5/8.5mm, offering a discreet yet eye-catching presence. The generous thickness of 1.3mm emphasizes the robustness and superior quality of the materials used, giving them a subtly imposing presence.

The stylized wood in the Black Polar shade gives these jewels a contemporary and sophisticated air, making them suitable for any occasion, from formal events to relaxed gatherings. Thanks to their glossy finish, which subtly reflects the light, these earrings shine in a discreet way, captivating the eyes and emphasizing the sophistication of the wearer.

Whether you match them with an elegant evening dress or integrate them into a casual-chic outfit, the stylized wooden earrings in the Black Polar shade become a symbol of your personality, completing every appearance with elegance and charm.