Silver Black Polar Pyramid earrings

295,00 lei

Discover the refined elegance of these exceptional earrings, made with silver beads and stabilized wood in the shade of Black Polar. Their triangular design gives a modern and captivating look, perfectly balanced in their 10.5/10.5mm dimensions, bringing a discreet touch of elegance to any appearance.

The choice of material for these earrings, silver, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, emphasizing the beauty of the stabilized wood in the shade of Black Polar. This selection of wood offers a distinct texture and a subtle variety of colors, contributing to a natural and authentic look to the piece.

With a thickness of 1.3mm, the earrings are durable and resistant, guaranteeing that they will shine elegantly over time. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a piece of jewelry that reflects the sophistication and taste of the wearer. Thus, these earrings become not only a remarkable accessory, but also an expression of the style and individuality of a modern woman.