Silver Smoked Aspen Split Moon Earrings

295,00 lei

We proudly innovate the Stabilized Wood Gold Earrings and Unique Design, now bringing you an equivalent variant in the elegance of silver!

Discover refinement and originality in these exceptional earrings, made of a superior quality silver, with a subtle thickness of 1.3mm. Their perfectly proportioned size of 9.5/16.5mm impresses with their distinctive shape. Their circular configuration, split into two joined halves, adds a modern and innovative element, emphasizing finesse and attention to detail.

The special material used for these earrings is stabilized wood in the shade of Fumed Aspen, bringing a natural and rustic element in contrast to the shine of silver. This combination offers a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, perfect for any occasion.

Available in white or yellow silver, these earrings adapt to your preferences and match perfectly with any style of clothing. Whether you choose them to complement a casual outfit or to add an extra touch of elegance to a special occasion, the Smoked Aspen Split Moon Earrings in silver are the perfect choice for the modern woman who appreciates subtle beauty and sophistication in jewelry. Turn every moment into an unforgettable experience with these exceptional earrings!