Smoked Eucalyptus Mountain Silver Earrings

285,00 lei

Silver earrings with stabilized wood in the elegant Smoked Eucalyptus tone redefine sophistication and nature in perfect harmony. With a delicate 10mm circular shape, these earrings dazzle with their subtle simplicity.

Stabilized wood in the distinctive Smoked Eucalyptus shade brings an organic quality and unmistakable texture to every detail. With an ingenious mountain design integrated within the hoop, these earrings represent a subtle fusion of natural elements and mountain inspiration.

With a generous thickness of 1.3mm, the earrings become a robust expression of modern elegance. This considerable size adds a touch of substantiality without compromising the delicacy of the overall design. Every detail, from the noble silver to the warm-toned wood, comes together to create a piece of jewelry that exudes both sophistication and connection to nature.