Black Polar Half Moon gold earrings

1.740,00 lei

Gold earrings with stabilized wood in the shade Black Polar are refined jewelry that exudes elegance and originality. These earrings have a distinctive circle shape, enriched by a semicircular insert of stabilized wood, thus creating a "half moon" effect.

Measuring a delicate 11mm, these earrings add a subtle and feminine charm to any outfit. Their generous 1.3mm thickness lends a solid presence and quality feel, highlighting attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

The Black Polar shade of stabilized wood adds depth and mystery, creating an elegant contrast with the gold, giving the earrings a sophisticated glow. This combination of high-quality materials and innovative design transforms these earrings into a subtle expression of personal style and taste. Wear them with confidence to add a distinctive and sophisticated touch to any occasion.