Black Polar Split Circle gold earrings

1.620,00 lei

Enter the world of sophistication with these exceptional gold earrings that exude a truly distinctive elegance. With a thickness of 1.3mm and a size of 11mm, these earrings present a perfect combination of noble gold and stabilized wood in the sophisticated Black Polar shade.

Their delicate shape, underlined by a perfect circle, is a tribute to classic design with a modern touch. Stabilized wood, present in the center of each circle, is subtly separated by a gold strip, adding a distinct element and refined texture.

Available in your choice of white or yellow gold, these earrings are not just jewelry, but true works of art that you can wear with confidence on any special occasion. With meticulous attention to detail and a harmonious combination of precious materials, these earrings are the subtle expression of your sophisticated style. Elevate your outfit with these remarkable earrings that will add sparkle and sophistication to any special moment in your life.