Black Polar Split Moon gold earrings

1.590,00 lei

Experience the unique sophistication of these exceptional earrings, expertly crafted from pure gold with an elegant thickness of 1.3mm. Their unmistakable design is enriched by the presence of stabilized wood, giving them a touch of authenticity and warmth.

With their perfectly proportioned dimensions of 9.5/16.5mm, these earrings are a sublime expression of balance and elegance. Their distinctive shape, resembling a bisected circle with joined ends, adds an element of originality and sophistication.

Available in white or yellow gold, these earrings represent the pinnacle of contemporary design. Choose the Black Polar shade to add a touch of mystery and modernity, turning them into a captivating visual statement.

With these remarkable earrings, you'll be wearing more than jewelry; you will embrace a special aesthetic experience, defined by finesse and originality.