Black Polar Triangle gold earrings

780,00 lei

Gold earrings with stabilized wood in the shade Black Polar represent a sublime combination of elegance and nature. These exceptional earrings have a distinctive triangle shape, giving them a modern and refined feel. High quality materials, elegant gold and stabilized wood, add uniqueness and warmth to these jewels.

The stabilized wood, in a deep shade of Black Polar, gives the earrings a touch of mystery and sophistication. This dark and rich shade brings out the natural beauty of the wood, bringing a subtle contrast to the shine of the gold. The 8/8mm dimensions and generous 1.3mm thickness add a substantial look, making them stand out and easy to match with any outfit.

Every detail is finely crafted and carefully weighted, from the triangular shape that suggests symbolism and balance to the perfect combination of materials, turning these earrings into an authentic expression of style and nature. By wearing this jewelry, you will feel in harmony with the simple and refined beauty of the design, bringing a touch of distinction and originality to every special moment.