Smoked Aspen Heart gold earrings

900,00 lei

Exploring the boundaries of creativity and nature, these gold earrings with stabilized wood insert in the shade of Fumed Aspen stand out for their innovative elegance. Inspired by the simplicity of nature, stabilized wood adds an organic and authentic element, skillfully combining the rustic with the sophistication of gold.

With a subtle thickness of 1.3mm, these captivatingly unique earrings extend into perfectly proportioned 7.5/8.5 dimensions, offering a distinct and modern presence. Every detail is meticulously crafted to highlight the fine characteristics of the wood, and the Fumed Aspen shade adds depth and mystery, reflecting the essence of contemporary design with natural influences.

These earrings make a style statement that transcends convention, offering an immersive and authentic visual experience. Admire the boldness of this original design, which brings together such diverse elements into a harmonious whole, highlighting the unique beauty of each detail.