Gold Smoked Aspen Tear Drop Earrings

1.500,00 lei

Gold earrings with stabilized wood in the shade of Smoked Aspen are a subtle expression of elegance and nature in harmony. The delicate shape of the teardrop gives these jewels a refined and feminine air. Stabilized wood adds a natural and authentic element, supported by a solid gold base.

With carefully measured dimensions of 12.5/7.8mm, the earrings are the perfect balance between thin and precious, highlighting the fine details of the Fumed Aspen shade. This shade adds depth and warmth to the jewel, creating a symphony between the shimmering gold and the natural wood.

The generous thickness of 1.3mm gives the earrings a remarkable strength, making them both aesthetic and durable. Every detail of this jewelry has been created with attention to quality and design, providing a pleasant and elegant wearing experience. The earrings are thus a perfect expression of natural beauty and discreet luxury.