Gold Smoked Eucalyptus Pyramid earrings

1.020,00 lei

Gold earrings with stylized wood in the shade Smoked Eucalyptus are a remarkable piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and sophistication. With a distinctive triangle shape and perfectly balanced dimensions of 10.5/10.5mm, these earrings add an element of subtle sophistication to any outfit.

The chosen material, gold, adds a luxurious charm, accentuating the natural qualities of the stylized wood, and the Smoked Eucalyptus shade brings a touch of mystery and sophistication. The wood is skilfully processed and shaped to create a harmonious design, in which the organic and metallic elements blend perfectly.

At a generous 1.3mm thick, the earrings provide solidity and strength without compromising the delicacy of the overall look. This feature adds an extra element of durability and underlines the attention to detail that goes into making this jewelry.

Earrings with stylized Smoked Eucalyptus wood thus become not only aesthetic accessories, but also the expression of genuine elegance and refined taste. Whether worn on special occasions or in everyday life, these earrings become a symbol of sophistication and connection with nature.