Half moon and sun earrings with sterling silver chain, ARTOR, CL30, silver

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Each jewel is an invitation to freedom, to the desire to laugh and find yourself.

Love, smile and enjoy everything that brings you happiness.

Discover silver earrings and fly to your dreams!

The jewelry will match your style and complement you perfectly.
Pay attention to details and finishes, ARTOR products are made individually, not in series, to obtain a premium quality.
The connections between the components are made with welded joints, not just closed ones, offering mobility and avoiding their breakage.
All ARTOR jewelry is checked by ANPC and comes with an invoice and warranty certificate.

Silver is a durable and versatile metal, which makes it a popular choice for making earrings. These jewels easily find their place in any outfit, be it day or evening. However, silver earrings love to be cleaned regularly to maintain their shine and to be able to enjoy wearing them for as long as possible.

The most common problem with silver jewelry is blackening or loss of luster. Oxidation of silver jewelry is a natural process, but with proper care, this can be prevented and your jewelry will always look like new. The blackening of silver jewelry is the reason why rhodium plating intervenes, it prevents oxidation and prolongs the beauty and luster of silver surfaces.

Storage of silver earrings

Proper storage of silver earrings helps preserve their shine and prevent oxidation. What must be done to properly store our precious jewels:

• To prevent scratches, each piece should be stored individually in its box, bag or compartment.
• Make sure you keep the jewelry in a dry and cool place.
• Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in the bathroom, because the humid and warm air can compromise their shine.
• For best results, store your silver earrings in a box lined with dirt-resistant material, silk or velvet.
• To preserve the shine of the earrings for as long as possible, try to seal them in an airtight bag (plastic works well) to protect them from oxidation and moisture.
• Silicon packets are often found in new shoe boxes and sometimes in clothing. They are used to keep these products in a moisture-free environment. Next time you find one, keep it and use it to protect your silver earrings.

Cleaning silver earrings

Over time, dirt, makeup residue and skin oils can accumulate on the surface of silver earrings, causing the metal to become dull. The best way to prevent this unwanted effect is to clean your parts regularly.
The safest and most effective way to polish silver is to gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Avoid using coarse fibers or fabrics, such as paper or polyester, as they can cause scratches.
Also, perform a thorough cleaning before storing your silver earrings for a long period of time. For silver that has suffered a certain degree of blackening, a deeper cleaning may be necessary.

How to clean silver earrings in 5 steps

Silver is a light, shiny metal, therefore, gentle cleaning is essential. A mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap, or even baby shampoo, will be the "trick" for cleaning everyday jewelry, such as earrings:

• Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to hot water. Mix until foam forms.
• Soak the jewelry in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.
• Use a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean any crevices.
• Rinse the jewelry in warm water.
• To dry, gently wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. (Avoid using paper towels, as they can scratch the silver.)

Size: length 6 cm

It is optimal to remove silver jewelry in the following periods:

• Housework and when using cleaning products
• When you exercise, at the gym or practice contact sports
• In the shower or bath
• Swimming, hot tubs, saunas
• Skin care and makeup routines are essential, and applying earrings should be the last step. Chemicals in lotions, hair products and perfumes can react with silver and tarnish it. Therefore, start completing the look with the application of earrings, then continue with the application of makeup and creams.

By following simple rules for storing and cleaning silver earrings, you will be able to keep the beauty and shine of this precious metal for a long time.

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