Silver chain with Smoked Eucalyptus pendant

345,00 lei

Explore contemporary sophistication and authenticity in the world of jewelry with this exceptional chain, meticulously crafted from sparkling silver, accompanied by a distinctive pendant that elegantly houses a stabilized wood insert in warm shades of Smoked Eucalyptus. With a subtle thickness of 1.3MM, this chain exudes a natural elegance, delicately emphasizing its sophisticated simplicity.

With a length of 42cm and a delicate extension of 3cm, this chain gracefully adapts to any style, offering versatility and sophistication. The pendant, adorned with a stabilized wood insert with impressive dimensions of 15.5mm, adds an organic and original charm, turning every moment of wearing it into a unique experience. Redefine elegance with this chain and pendant, which highlights the natural beauty of wood in a way that shines through its sophisticated simplicity.