925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Diana

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The silver Diana name pendant is a stunning item that represents not only the rich historical significance of its namesake, but also its timeless beauty.

This necklace honors the many notable women who have borne the name Diana throughout history.

The pendant is made of 925 silver and its design is impeccable. The elegance and beauty that are often associated with family names

The name Diana served as the inspiration for its intricate and ornate design. The flexibility and adaptability that characterizes the heritage of the name is represented in the undulating lines and curves of the pendant.

Diana was the moon goddess, the Roman goddess of nature and hunting. She was considered an ideal of female emancipation, individuality and power.

The necklace honors the mythical lady, taking on the characteristics of the divinity and conveying the spirit of her alluring presence.

Each carefully carved letter represents the courage, beauty and knowledge of those who share this given name.

The name Diana has a rich historical history that extends far beyond its mythological origins. She has strong ties to the late Princess Diana , whose altruism, kindness and humanitarian efforts benefited countless people around the world.

This 925 silver pendant is a symbol of her undying elegance, kindness, and spirit that will live on long after she is gone.

The Diana silver pendant is a tangible way to remember the extraordinary people who have borne this name throughout the ages.

This gem is a perfect representation of the enduring allure and close relationship that the name Diana evokes.

Chain length (open) : 44 cm

925 silver pendant, silver chain to order

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