925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Elena

120,00 lei

925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Elena

Chain length (open) : 44 cm

The stunning Elena Name Pendant in Silver is a perfect representation of the enduring appeal and rich history that this name embodies.

This necklace honors the many notable people whose lives and legacies helped shape the Elena we know today.

The pendant is a work of art, with a shiny silver body that exudes class and sophistication. It is an excellent piece as it combines contemporary style with timeless elegance.

The delicate design of the pendant is highlighted by the dazzling brilliance of its polished surface.

Elena 's strength, perseverance and inner strength is reflected in the logo's graceful curves and elegant script.

Like Helen of Troy, Helen has a mesmerizing presence and a lasting impression, which is symbolized by the pendant.

Many influential people throughout history have gone by the name Elena, and all have made important contributions to their respective industries.

The name Elena can be shared by a wide range of talented individuals, from early career scientists to renowned painters.

The necklace is a tribute to these leaders; it symbolizes their achievements and encourages the wearer to recognize and value their own special gifts and potentials.

Those who wear the silver pendant bearing the name Elena pay homage to the rich cultural history associated with it.

Its purpose is to inspire the user to realize their own inner strength, beauty and limitless potential by recalling the game-changing contributions of other women named Elena.

It becomes a precious memento, a physical representation of the exceptional traits and enduring legacies that have been associated with Elena throughout the ages.

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