925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Ioana

120,00 lei

We are pleased to present the stunning Ioana silver pendant, a piece that does justice to the storied past and timeless allure of this noble name .

The pendant was handcrafted with painstaking care, and its gleaming silver body oozes class and sophistication.
It is an excellent accessory for any event due to the way its design combines timeless elegance and modern flare.
The shiny surface of the pendant reflects the light, highlighting the excellent craftsmanship and adding to the overall beauty of the piece.

The name "Ioana" is delicately sculpted, embodying the qualities of strength, grace and uniqueness that are often attributed to someone with this name.
The graceful curves and elegant calligraphy are a tribute to the many remarkable people throughout history who have been given the name Ioana.

The name Ioana has a long and storied history, with many spelling variations appearing across cultures and eras.
The name Ioana comes from the Hebrew (Yohanan)
People named Ioana have a long tradition of being some of the most empathetic and evolved people in history.

The necklace is a reminder of the heavenly grace inherent in the name, reflecting Ioana's natural warmth and kindness.

In addition, Ioana has been connected to notable individuals who have made an impact in their respective industries. Ioana is a name associated with pioneering scientists, outstanding artists and courageous social activists.
The necklace honors these leaders by symbolizing their achievements and encouraging the wearer to recognize and value their own special abilities and use them to make a difference in the world.

The silver necklace engraved with the name Ioana is a symbol of honor and respect for the rich cultural history that bears this name.
Remarkable people who have borne the name Ioana offer as a source of inspiration for the wearer to recognize and value their own inner courage, elegance and limitless potential.

This necklace is a stunning representation of the meaning and spirit of the name Ioana and would be an honor to receive as a gift or wear as a personal symbol of strength.
Inspired by the grace, elegance and strength that constitute the name Ioana, the wearer recalls the great traits and legacies related to Ioana throughout history.
Chain length (open) : 44 cm

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