925 silver pendant silver chain name Irina

120,00 lei

This story is about Mr. Peterson, a famous jeweler in his day

Peterson began handcrafting a silver pendant from the finest 925 silver.

The pendant has become a gorgeous chain that was carefully created to highlight the beauty of the person who wears it.
The silver pendant has been carefully sculpted to show every curve and detailed detail. The result was a beautiful piece that had a timeless beauty.
As Mr. Peterson put the finishing touches on the ring, he couldn't stop thinking of the best name for this amazing piece.
The name Irina comes from the Greek word "eirn", and means "peace".
The Irina pendant, which was made of 925 silver, was worn by women on important days in life and shone as a sign of hope and a new beginning.
The Irina pendant with silver chain is a work of art that continues to conquer hearts and tell a story that endures over time.
Its radiant beauty will always charm those who see it.

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