925 silver pendant silver chain name Mihaela

120,00 lei

The Mihaela silver pendant is the symbol of a name with deep roots in Romanian culture. A magnificent tribute to the meaning and beauty of the name Mihai /Mihaela, this silver pendant is a work of art.

Mihaela is a beautiful name that has been used in many different contexts and civilizations. The pendant, with its detailed engraving and design, does justice to the name's connotation of grace and sophistication.

Mihaela has had a notable history of association with pioneers in a wide range of fields.

Mihaela has the courage, intuition and originality that have distinguished such figures throughout history, from revolutionary thinkers and doers to revered artists and intellectuals.

Show your respect for the rich history of the Mihaela name by wearing this silver pendant.

It is a constant reminder of Mihaela's amazing attributes, such as her strength, beauty and curiosity.

The silver pendant is a symbol of pride in one's uniqueness and the ability to assert one's will.

The elaborate engravings celebrate the many cultures from which Mihaela comes. The necklace celebrates Mihaela's diverse character and personifies her desire and will to succeed, whether she expresses these qualities through the elegance of a dancer, the intuition of a scholar or the passion of an artist.

The power and beauty that shines from within is reflected in this pendant, making it more than jewelry.

Give the engraved Mihaela name silver pendant to someone you care about and you will give them a souvenir that represents who they are, what they have achieved and where they can go in life.

It becomes a memory that speaks of their resilience and affirms what a remarkable person they are.

The silver pendant named after Mihaela is a beautiful representation of the alluring features that the name evokes.

Chain length (open) : 44 cm

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