925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Stefania

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Here we have a sterling silver pendant bearing the name Stefania, a wearable representation of the meaning and history of this amazing name.

This pendant was designed to honor the history and elegance that come hand in hand with the name Stefan / Stefania.

The 925 silver pendant has an air of sophistication and elegance due to its polished silver construction. It is a stunning piece of jewelry as its design skillfully combines modern and vintage influences.

The name "Stefania" is elegantly engraved, embodying the beauty and originality that characterizes this name.

All women who have ever gone by the name Stefania are honored here by the graceful curves and flowing lines of the letters that make up their names.

The Greek and Italian form of the name comes from the given name Stephanos, meaning "crown" or "garland".

Stefania is a symbol of success, bravery and triumph in this context.

Women named Stefania have made great strides in a variety of disciplines throughout history.

Stefania has been the name of many ambitious, creative and caring people throughout history, from pioneering scientists and prominent artists to bold leaders and kind humanitarians.

The silver pendant engraved with the name Stefania is a symbol of power and beauty, and its wearer proudly displays their history.

It is a symbol of the wearer's infinite potential, meant to inspire them to be themselves, follow their passions and triumph over adversity.

There is great power in this pendant, whether worn as a personal talisman or given as a gift to a person named Stefania.

Chain length (open) : 44 cm

925 silver pendant, silver chain, the name Ioana

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