585 Gold Pendant Adjustable Red Cord Boy Shape BA34

113,00 lei

Learn more about the classic beauty of the 585 gold pendant by adjusting the length of the red cord.

Enjoy a rare treasure with our 585 gold pendant that comes with a bright and passionate red string that can be adjusted to fit your size.

It beautifully blends the opulence of gold with the whimsical allure of its design, featuring the delicate outline of a boy. Crafted with great care and attention to detail, this pendant is a great option to give your ensembles the added flair of a truly unique accessory.

Parents' hearts are filled with joy, pride and hope as they wear a gold necklace depicting a baby boy. Let's get into the meaning behind a gold pendant depicting a baby boy and what it means for parents:

The valuable gift that was given to the parents is symbolized by a gold pendant in the shape of a little boy. The necklace is of great value because of its craftsmanship and the eternal beauty of the gold, which symbolizes the infinite love and happiness that their son brings to their lives.

The gold pendant represents the eternal love and indescribable relationship that his parents have for their son. The magnitude of their love and the endless bond they share with their child is symbolized by the warmth and light of gold.

It serves as a daily reminder of the limitless love that exists between you.
The birth of a boy is cause for joyous celebration, symbolized by this gorgeous gold pendant.

It is a reflection of the pride and happiness a family feels with the birth of a boy. The necklace commemorates the emotion and joy that accompanied the birth of their child, capturing the essence of this remarkable event.

The gold pendant represents the perseverance of a family name and its traditions. It represents the beliefs, traditions and stories of previous generations that parents hope their son will carry on.

As it is passed down through the generations, it serves as a link between the family's past, present and future.

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